Our Honey

We make Artisanal Handcrafted Raw Honey using pure practices striving to keep our bees in a natural way. 

Honey like wine, coffee, and cheese is a part of America's epicurean food awakening. Once you have eaten an exquisite honey, you know the difference. To create unique local tastes and floral aromas we use hands on pure practices. Our honey farms provide you with the high quality honey you desire.

Our honey is raw honey. It has nothing added, nothing removed, with no filtering and never heated. It contains its' original vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes, allergen fighting, antioxidant, anti-viral properties.

It is a pure product in its' original condition after leaving the hive.

Local Honey

We segregate the honey to the region it was harvested from assuring you the most local honey possible. We can promise you the honey on your neighborhood store's shelf came from one of our local hives.

We have hundreds of hives throughout the Southeast and eastern Nebraska. Our honey houses, located in Bowman, South Carolina and Clarkson, NE are home to our bottling operations.


We are apart of exciting cooperatives between farmers, processors, wholesalers and retailers. We have partnered in distribution with GrowFood Carolina, are a Certified South Carolina Product and proudly carry the Appalachian Grown™ Certification. Fat Head Farms is also a part of the JUNKSTOCK network in Omaha, NE.