Horsecreek Honey Farms Honey Benefits

Vitamin and Mineral Rich
Antioxidant Powerhouse
Antibiotic and Burn Treatment
Blood Sugar Management
Healthy Weight Management
Counters Pollen Allergens
Enzyme and Probiotic Dense
Natural Energy Source

Horsecreek Honey is never heated, nor filtered. It is not pasteurized. Instead, it is full of complex flavor and sweet aromas that are the definition of raw honey. 

What makes honey "raw"?

Raw Honey

There is no official U.S. federal definition of "raw" honey. Though, the term often refers to honey that has not been heated or filtered. Because of this, the term is used widely and loosely. The National Honey Board offers a definition - honey as it exists in the beehive or as obtained by extraction, settling or straining without adding heat. This is the standard Horsecreek Honey Farms adheres to our process and product. 

We love to maintain rightly one of nature's purest foods.


Horsecreek Honey Farms Honey

Horsecreek Honey Farms harvests honey that is local, 100% raw, artisanal, and handcrafted. We are proud to produce a pure product. We want to be clear about why our honey isn't colored brilliantly clear. This is what makes Horsecreek Honey Farms honey. 


Pasteurization happens when honey is heated above 96.8˚ F. Raw honey is never pasteurized. As the honeybees work they heat their own honey home, although quite slowly, their busy bodies collectively create a warm internal hive temperature upwards of 96.8˚ F. This temperature is imperative to the live and active enzyme properties of the honey protecting the nutritional benefits it boasts. Heating too quickly or flash-heating by microwave use disintegrates over 200 components of live enzymes and destroys important nutritional value from honey. 


When honey is harvested from the hive it can be strained or filtered.

Straining uses cheesecloth to separate leftover bits of beeswax keeping the desirable pollen properties. This technique produces pure raw honey that is viscous with a liquid like texture best for culinary use. 

Filtering breaks down the smaller elements of honey that enrich it with medicinal and nutritional value, namely the bee pollen. In mass honey production, pressure filtering, along with heating, is utilized to more easily handle and quickly bottle product. This creates a clear color honey lacking in luster.