Best Toddler Bed Car Design

Mar 30th

Toddler bed car – Fantasy children transform ordinary objects. Consolidate the results and save the story in the child’s life, parents can. If your son has dreams and dreams of becoming a racing driver, bed will give children of this kind of car, using her old frame and particleboard. Ideas for make toddler bed car, in the heart of the unusual bed are its standard box. Allow your own hands or use an old cot. Together with the child, make a sketch of the future car. As a basis, we can take some car model, which is like your child. Surely sketched it on a sheet, to simplify the look. The result should be a simple yet recognizable form. Sharp edges and small parts of the sketch.

Toddler Bed Car Design
Toddler Bed Car Design

Best toddler bed car ideas, on the basis of a sketch drawing, make a new skin of the bed. Remove from the measurements berth. The length, width and height of the interior in the form of the machine should be at least 3-5 cm higher than the corresponding parameters in the bed. Also in accordance with the Approximate proportions of the selected model of the machine, determine the size of the rest of the drawing. Moving is based on slabs of plywood or particle board that you will enhance the bed. Try to have each of the parts of the car on a separate sheet. See all parts and mark those letters or numbers, to avoid mistakes during assembly. Shop all Edge parts of machine fabric, that they are not left irregularities and sticks.

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Check out the sketches and photographs of the car, put on prepared layout color information. The pen marks the boundaries of areas that will be flooded with different colors. Paint with the acrylic paint car. Find the desired shade; mix the base color with the color scheme in a separate container. Apply color to large surfaces of the roller. Then paint the fine details in a bristle brush. Finished and completely dried plot one or two layers of shiny acrylic lacquer are added. Attach parts of the machine to the frame of the toddler bed car. Screw them in turn using screws so that the attachment points are not eye-catching and looked natural. If any part of the bed looks out from under the car decoration, paint that color of the next part to mask.

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