Build Toddler Bed with Storage


How to build toddler bed with storage? A bed with drawers underneath will provide you with a base frame under your bed, as well as a chest of drawers or simply an additional storage space. Doing it yourself will cost you much less money than buying a new one and will allow you to use your creativity when choosing the color, the type of wood and the design of the storage. Remember to have at hand the measurements or the mattress that you are going to place on the future bed. The plank of the base should be about an inch and a half larger than the mattress to make it easier to reach the storage.

For the first make toddler bed with storage, get the storage for the chest of drawers. You can take them from another piece of furniture or make them yourself using four wooden slats for each drawer and a large plate for the bottom. The two side pieces will be a little longer than the front and rear of the storage. You can screw or glue each of these pieces together, but if you use screws you will ensure greater stability. For a bed of 1.50 m or 2 m, use six drawers three on each side. You can get drawer fronts with original or elegant handles at many home supply stores.

Begin to build the base of the toddler bed with storage where the storage will enter. This base will be the wooden frame that will support the mattress. Use lifts for the bed if you want to leave more space under the bed for larger drawers. Take the measurement of this space and then move the bed to one side to support the frame. It uses four thick and resistant pieces of wood for the frame. Make sure these pieces are taller than the drawers so they slide in and out easily. Adjust these four pieces with screws. Then, use another thick and sturdy wooden board to go through the central part of the frame.


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