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Choice Mickey Mouse Toddler Bed Set


Mickey Mouse Toddler Bed Set – One of the most chosen children’s rooms among children are the rooms set with Mickey Mouse, you can find all kinds of furniture or decorative elements (pictures, vinyl or dolls) with Mickey shapes and drawings to achieve an even more intense feeling of fantasy. Mickey Mouse rooms usually have two colors par excellence, black and red that are perfectly synchronized and are what fill this character with life. In the event that the child does not like those colors or prefer another type of room for your room, you can also see this same furniture in other colors such as pistachio green that is very pleasant and relaxing.

In the case that you already have all the mickey mouse toddler bed set mounted, furniture and others, you can always choose the Mickey Mouse vinyl that you will find in different sizes and give a unique look to the room. Do it yourself, ideas for children’s theme environments with Mickey Mouse decoration. If you like crafts and home projects you will love our proposals. Take note of these original Mickey Mouse decorative crafts. Diamonds of Mickey and Minnie framed: an original detail very simple to make. Mickey String Art: made directly on the wall with the String Art technique (nails and tensioned threads). You can use another support as a wooden board and thus get a work of art that you can change places.

Mickey or Minnie mirrors for the children’s room. Another simple and very original craft. It occurs to us that to simulate the big ears you can use wood veneer or other consistent but light material at the same time. Another option is the lamps that have Mickey Mouse shapes or if you want something less flashy, you can also buy lamps that have their pattern in the fabric. To finish with a 100% Mickey Mouse decoration, do not miss the detail of the mickey mouse toddler bed set that you can find with this character as the main figure of all of them.


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