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Excellent Safety Bunk Bed for Toddlers


Bunk bed for toddlers – On many occasions it is a practical solution to use bunk beds to share the bedroom when we have two children or several children living in the same home. But, do we know what are the minimum and indispensable requirements for children’s berths to be totally safe to avoid risks to the health of our children? Although today we have excellent safety regulations regarding the manufacture of this type of furniture, there are still many accidents that occur while children are resting in their bunk beds. However, in most cases, these mishaps are easily avoidable if sufficient information is available on the proper use of these types of beds.

The most common accident is the head butts against the ceiling or the upper bed frame of the furniture. At the beginning, the children still think that they are in a normal bunk bed for toddlers and are still fully incorporated to get up, and depending on the height of the child it is usual to take a coconut against the wood above or even on the roof. It is true that this type of accident does not affect serious injuries, but it is an aspect that we must take into account and for this we will indicate later the minimum safety distances that the beds in the bunk beds should have.

Another of the most common risks are the blows you may receive while moving while sleeping or while trying to get on or off the bunk . We must bear in mind that the structure of the bunk bed for toddlers is much more bulky, since it has barriers, stairs, supports to join both beds, and therefore it is very easy the involuntary contact of a part of the body with any of these elements. This type of blows is mostly due to confusions or uncontrolled movements when sleeping, and depending on the force of the impact, they often cause striking bruises and pain in the affected area.


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