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Fastest and Most Economical Princess Toddler Bed


Do you have a little one at home who wants a princess toddler bed? Let’s be honest when our little ones want a room decorated like princesses first thing that comes to mind is how much money we are going to spend on this. Fortunately, in I Love Crafts we are always looking for solutions that are profitable and practical for your pocket, that’s why I bring you these ideas that will surely help you fulfill your little one’s dream. Fastest and most economical option is to fill your little girl’s room with these butterflies made of vinyl; if you do not want to buy them you can paint them on wall.

You can also buy decoupage napkins and with this technique paste them on wall. Then remember to add elements in pink and ready … In most princess tales there is always a tree or a forest, you can paint a tree on wall, add some shelves in chestnut color, and hang toys near tree. Take advantage of making grass, fairies and any other element you want. If you already have tree, fourth rose and still are not satisfied, then you can add a nice mosquito net made with tulle fabric princess toddler bed. This is super economical you just have to sew a lace on edge and go. best of all is that besides decorating will protect your princess from insects.

Wallpaper is another solution that you can take into account, you do not need to decorate entire room, but adding a few fairies or princess elements at head of princess toddler bed will suffice. If you like strongest colors, then you can take a quilt like this and look for vinyl wall decorations that combine it. If you wish, combine all elements and decorate your little girl’s room in this way, with a beautiful tree in background that combines with bedding. It is important that you use a nice fabric for mosquito net.

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