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Fun and Very Original Designs Little Tikes Toddler Bed


Little tikes toddler bed – Do you want to surprise your children with a new bedroom? In the market you can find modern, fun and very original designs that also constitute a unique play space for children, such as a car bed, a princess room or a tree-house bedroom. A bedroom for children a place to play, learn and dream. The kids become familiar with their surroundings; their room is like their little world. If your children like cars, or sports, princesses or animals … always take into account the opinion of children. On the other hand if you do not have the budget to choose furniture like the one we see here, but you really want a thematic room for the smallest of the house, you can always choose the colors that are similar for furniture and walls and why not, hang some picture or car vinyl.

We continue with the thematic little tikes toddler bed. In this case, imitate a castle in which your offspring will feel like real princes and princesses of fairy tale. To give even more ambience, the column is covered with lightweight concrete that imitates the stones of a castle, but without being hard at all to prevent damage. The next room we see is the girl’s bedroom with a bed full of cushions with curtains. The beds have built-in lighting so they can read without problems.

The truth is that it is a challenge to get a type of decoration like this, and more when it comes to a shared room; it is a matter of choosing a theme that is common to both children and that we can develop for each one of them. Kids will love this little tikes toddler bed. Bright green moss on the bedding with bunk beds in coffee and ivory. On the wall a nice decorative mural of a tree. The bedroom has two beds, storage space and also a secret place to meet with your friends.


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