How to Make Wood Toddler Bed

Jun 21st

Wood toddler bed – It seems that most bunk beds come from the same basic form, even when they are built by different manufacturers from different companies. But you can make your own bunk beds or change an existing bunk bed set to tailor it to your children’s tastes and needs. How comprehensive and ornate design will depend on what you and your kids want, as well as your budget and personal ability to do-it-yourself projects. Add a personal touch with decorative plates. Cut a sheet of 1/2-inch plywood to match one or more ends or sides of the bunk bed, using a chainsaw. Paint and decorate the sheet as you like. If you are not artistically inclined, you can project a picture on plywood using a computer-connected projector, then track and color to match the image. When finished, place it on the frame using wooden screws or clips.

Wood Toddler Bed Style
Wood Toddler Bed Style

Make access exciting by replacing the ladder with something a bit more interesting. Some examples include driving a cargo web from the top bunk to the floor, or attaching a playground slide at one end. Older children may be able to handle a firefighting rod. Be sure to follow the installation instructions and safety guidelines for these attachments to the letter. Make the theme of the wood toddler bed, perhaps similar to a bus, ship or space shuttle. You can buy plans for this type of bed, or design them on your own.

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Consider adding accessories, such as in a bookshelf or desk, to bunk beds. Depending on what you want to add, these can be on the end plates or become part of the bunks themselves. A personal storage area for each bunk is another option. Frame wood toddler bed against the wall with crown casting, wood panels and / or plaster. This will give the furniture the feel of a built-in component. As with the theme final frames, this opportunity requires experience and expertise. If you love the concept, but lack the skills, you can hire a professional to put on the built in finish.