How to Put Picture Toddler Bed Frame


Toddler bed frame – A very frequent question I receive is about the correct height to hang frames and install niches, indispensable items to increase the decoration of the toddler bed. The truth is that there is no absolute rule that defines right and wrong for this question. What there are are tips for the end result to stay harmonic, proportionate and facilitate the work of those who are not professional in the subject.

But let’s go! Begin by placing the center of the frame or niche near eye level. For this, the ideal is to be based on a person of approximately 1.70 m. This way, we avoid people having to look up to see the details of the pictures toddler bed frame or the ornament that is in the niche. Another factor that must be taken into consideration is the right foot of the environment. For you to understand, a tall right foot is more than 2.90 meters. And, if that’s the case, raise the height of these decorative items a bit, so the difference does not get too disproportionate! After that, make a pencil mark of the exact location where you would like to install. Then ask someone to help you by holding the frames or niches at the set height. Is everything alright? Now just follow these installation tips:

-) Take the height measurement, based on the floor or object that will be underneath (crib, bed, etc). -) Hold the first frame on the wall in the position you think is best, and then make a mark right in the center of the frame. -) Discard the distance between the frame end and the support hook, otherwise, the frame will be higher afterward. -)Drill the hole with a steel nail and hammer (light frames) or drill with bushing and screw (heavier frames). -) To hang other frames, follow the same guidelines – and do not forget to measure the distance between them (from 15cm to 20cm is a good distance). Check out some more photos to get inspired put picture toddler bed frame.


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