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Ideas to Make Wooden Toddler Bed


Wooden toddler bed four posters is the epitome of elegant bedroom furniture, but it can be quite expensive to buy and most people would not even dream of trying to build one. Fortunately, a DIY four-poster bed frame is not so complicated to do, especially if you cut the design to a country style bed with solid construction and simple lines. Stand two planks of 77-inch 1 of 6 logs up on their 1-inch edges, 40 inches apart. Match two planks of 40-inch 1 x 6 logs between the ends of the 77-inch planks, making a rectangle frame. The 77-inch planks are sideways the bed base and the 40-inch planks are the head and foot of the bed base, which is double size.

Glue side rails and head and foot planks together and put in corner clamps to allow the glue to dry. Secure the bed base together with four 2 inch screws driven evenly through the side of the rails at the ends of the head and foot planks. Measure down 3 inches from the top of the side rails and place a 75-inch plank of 1 of 2 timbers along each side shine. These are the support planks for the bed slats. Secure support planks to side rails with 2 inch screws driven every 8 to 10 inches along the length of the support tile. Position four 80-inch planks of 2 by 4 timber upright against side rails, rinse with the head and foot of the bed base. These are the leg positions for the wooden toddler bed. Have a helper to help you lift the bed base 10 inches from the ground and then buckle legs to the bed base with G clamps at this height. Check if the bottom is flat and adjust if necessary.

Drill four pre-drills, glued to the shaft of 3-inch delay bolt through side rails in each of the leg positions. This will keep the outside of the leg insert unmarred by screw holes. Attach leg positions to wooden toddler bed bottom with 3-inch delay bolt through side rails into leg positions. Glue mitered ends of the planks together to form a rectangle that is the canopy of the bed frame. Put the canopy in the corner clamps to allow the adhesive to dry.



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