Popular Toddler Bunk Beds with Slide


Toddler bunk beds with slide – A bunk bed is not just a place to sleep but also an imaginative playground where, with the addition of a curtain, flag or slide, it becomes a tent, Mount Everest or a playground. Slides are special favorites, especially when rain or snow keeps the kids in. With careful attention to detail and security issues, a bunk bed slide is safer than the local playground equipment.

Ideas for make toddler bunk beds with slide, concealed bolt holes through the bunk bed frame. Secure all parts of the frame securely together. Add metal fittings to the back of the frame for additional support if necessary. Remove the mattress and screw the mattress’s support boards table to the bunk bed frame, using tire screws that rub at least 1 inch into the tree. Find studs in the wall with a stud finder. Mark the center point of each stud with a pencil. Pre-drill through the side of the bunk bed and into the tab. Screw 4-inch French screws through the frame and into the stud to secure the bunk bed to the wall.

Then to make toddler bunk beds with slide, cut the ends of two 2-by-6-inch boards at a 30 degree angle, using a bite box and saw. Place the two boards side-by-side on a flat surface of 1 1/2 inch, with the cut ends up. Measure and mark 4 inches from each end of the boards. Then measure and mark each 18 inches on both boards. The labels must adapt to both boards. Move 2-by-6 plates 24 inches apart. Place a 1-by-4 board at each brand with 3 1/2-inch side flat against the 2-by-6 sheets that span the room. Turn slide frame over. Put plywood into the frames that bring with the ends of 2-by-6 rails. Pre-drill four holes through plywood and into the 1-by-4 supports. Screw plywood for boards with 1-inch tire screws. Sand whole slide with 180 sandpaper grain until smooth. Dry with a tack cloth.


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