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Sesame Street Elmo Toddler Bed Decoration


Elmo Toddler Bed – Sesame Street has been in the air since 1969, and children are still thrilled with the characters in the educational program. Vivid colors, letters, and numbers are basic foods in the program, and you can translate these images into your child’s room to create a decorative setting that is stimulating and eye-catching. Paint the accent wall of your child’s bedroom, and decorate the remaining orange walls to represent Elmo’s red and orange nose skin. Or, paint the entire room in a muted shade of red and complement it with orange panels and orange curtains to bring the two main colors together.

If your child’s favorite shade is green, feature the Oscar Grumpy in the bedroom by painting the walls in a brownish-green color and using a carpet in the shape of Oscar’s face, along with green blinds or browns to keep the color theme consistent. Include Sesame Street elmo toddler bed in the room by adding pillows in the shape of Elmo’s face to your child’s bed to match the orange, black or white comforter, and skirt of the bed. Or, buy a quilt with a large image, sewn from the cookie monster, along with round cushions in the form of chocolate cookies as an ode to the character of Sesame Street your little one likes better.

A tulle bed skirt to represent Abby Cadabby’s dress in a light turquoise or pastel pink shade adds more texture to the room, or you can choose pillows and an elmo toddler bed comforter in the same striped pattern as Bert’s shirt or Ernie. Large stuffed animals that fit the theme, such as a large-sized likeness of Elmo or Big Bird from the most prominent corner of the room to match the red or yellow walls. Small pieces of furniture help to make the Sesame Street


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