Toddler Bed Girl Design

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Toddler bed girl – In this post we will explain how to make a children’s bed girl form wood. It is not difficult to perform even if required for some tools specialized for wood as a router, sander, hammer etc. As for cuts of wood, if they do not have tools for this purpose, no problem: at our center of wood distribution or DIY center we cut it for a little more money. This bed is adapted for a mattress of 1.65 x 70 cm , which is a mattress that we can get without problems in the market with what the total dimensions of the bed are 1.75 x 86 cm. Having a clear design and measurements of the bed, we begin with the work. Then you can cut the different pieces that will form the headboard and foot board.

For this work you have decided to use best pine wood. This type of wood toddler bed girl is easy to work with, relatively cheap and with a very nice grain. And then, to cut the pieces you can use a squaring machine. In this case of not having one, you can ask in our distribution center to cut it to the measures that interest us. Then, you must cut the horizontal pieces inside the footboard and headboard about 5 cm larger to subsequently make the system of spike and box for a perfect union between the pieces.

Next ways to make toddler bed girl, you can brush the wood to level the wood in addition to smoothing it. Now you continue tracing the place where with the gleaner you will realize the cash system. In case of not having a gleaner, you can do without the box and tenon system and use dowels. Subsequently, you perform the spike of the different pieces by means of the squaring machine. The spike will have measures of 2.5 cm. The next step will be to reduce the edges of all the pieces that will form the bed with the milling machine.

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