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Toddler Beds with Storage Ideas


Toddler beds with storage – When it’s time to unpack the crib and set a bed in the nursery, consider the age of the child, how much space is and what features the bed has to meet. From children beds to full mattresses, there are options to suit the needs of most families. When your child grows up you have to move him from his crib to a child bed. It’s usually not wise to move a child to a child’s bed until they can safely climb in and out of bed and go where they need to go. Toddler beds are a transit point between a cot and a double bed.

Some beds serve multiple features, which offer extra storage or seating. Toddler beds with storage ideas like a captain’s bed have drawers under the mattress instead of a box in the spring. These boxes can take over the place of an agency or provide storage for toys or sports equipment. A bed frame with a storage bed provides cubbies and shelves for books, a lamp or other items, replacing a bedside table. For a room that works like a hole, office or guest room, consider a day bed. This type of bed serves as a sitting area during the day and becomes a bed at night, creating a flexible bedroom space.

The children’s room is often lacking in space, but several types of beds make the most of the available space. Bunk beds stack a mattress on a frame above the other mattress; take advantage of vertical space in the room to create more sleeping areas. Most bunk beds have a set of steps or a ladder to climb to the top bunk bed. A lofted bed has a double size mattress on a raised frame, which provides space under the toddler beds with storage or, if the wind is high, a chest of drawers or desk. A trundle bed is a regular bed with a slide-out platform’s other mattress underneath. Platforms slide back in during the day to save space.


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