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Toddler Girl Beds Nordic Covers


For the colder months, the normal thing is to use some quilt or toddler girl beds Nordic covers to get to sleep warmer. Here is curious how consumer demand has evolved, since in the mid-90s the duvet emerged as an alternative very accepted by people to incorporate in their beds, but from the year 2000 landed in our country the duvet covers that were imported at the beginning of the northern European countries. It seems that sleeping with a duvet cover is something of a lifetime, but it is quite newer than we think.

So curiously these days, there is much more demand for toddler girl beds covers to the detriment of quilts, before seeing the causes of this change in trend, then you can see the difference in style that brings in bed.

The reasons why we recently decided more for a Nordic mother to dress a toddler girl beds are:

  1. They are warmer and more breathable than quilts, although this will depend on the type of padding we use in the case. As we saw in another post we can find many different classes with more or less gram mage depending on the heater we want.
  2. As a general rule, when we buy a duvet cover, we acquire it with a weight greater than that of a quilt, so in many cases, in winter if we use a quilt we will also need to add some blanket in our child’s bed.
  3. As you can see in the previous image, it is easier to make the bed with a duvet, since with the quilt we should worry because it fits better in the corners of the bed and we should stretch it well to avoid the appearance of wrinkles.
  4. At decorative level, and according to the tastes of each person, a Nordic cover offers a more elegant and modern style when dressing a child’s bed.

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