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Toddler Minnie Mouse Bed Design


Toddler Minnie mouse bed – The wonderful world of Disney is alive with the decorating possibilities of a kid’s room. Think of a child’s imagination and imagination when designing, making or assembling the elements of the room to make them feel as if they are part of the magic. Bring stories and figures to life. Decorate a kid’s room in Classic Disney using basic black and white with bright tones of red and yellow like accent colors. Paint a scene from an early Mickey Mouse comic book in black and white or buy pictures, graphics and posters by Mickey and Minnie in the color scheme. Look for bedding with cartoon pictures in classic Mickey and Minnie colors, or use solid black and white, red and yellow linens, pillow shams and throw pillows. Accent the bedding with Mickey and Minnie dolls.

Toddler Minnie mouse bed design ideas with hang a Minnie or Minnie costume on the wall or on a free-standing jacket to look like Minnie or Mickey lives in the room. For a more formal finished costume screen, use a large shadow box frame with a glass front. Add Mickey or Minnie ears or hats with ears. If they are personal with your child’s name, it will give the room an individual touch.

Paint or stencil a black and white film reel design using acrylic crafts paint, like a border that runs around the middle of the wall or as border all around the room on top of the walls. Toddler Minnie mouse bed design with put a big gold or black star on the outside of the bedroom door named Mickey or Minnie painted over it or painted on a sign and hang on the door. Replace the closet doors with stage curtains that match the bedding and curtains. Collect related Mickey or Minnie characters to appear on chest of drawers, shelves or bedside tables.

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