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Very Fashionable Tent for Toddler Bed


Tent for toddler bed – Who said you cannot camp at home? Children (and cats, hahaha!) Love having secret, narrow and tiny little corners, where they feel special and wrapped. They do not need much space but quite opposite: a place just for them, where “elders” cannot enter. With very little and a little will we can create these magical places where you will spend time in company of your brothers, friends, pets … or a good book! Easier impossible. Place some tiles over table leaving an opening for door. Optionally, add some small windows and a mattress inside. They will have a secret place of “removes and put” to read and play and you can pick it up when you need table.

A few simple straws can hold a playhouse, tent for toddler bed covered with a light cloth. To build it, you need kits that are sold in toy stores, which include pieces to join straws. Why not? Mount tent in living room or in children’s room, and spend afternoon entertained in your shelter. Even if it’s a special day, you can let them sleep there. These stores or tippies are very fashionable. They seem very sophisticated, but in reality they are not so sophisticated. Some sticks or branches placed as you see in photo, linked by a cloth or loop, serve as a structure for store.

Just cover it with a wide cloth and put some cushions inside. It is an ideal reading corner. Two inverted Vs and a central stick. In this case you may need some tools and nails to join woods, but nothing fancy. Another option is to replace wood of stringer with a cable or rope. Tent for toddler bed are very cheap and light. They consist of a hoop with a hook to attach to ceiling, and from there you can hang your favorite fabrics, add lights … Underneath, a mattress or cushions to create a magical atmosphere.


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