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We make our Artisanal Handcrafted Raw Honey using pure practices striving to keep our bees in a natural way. 

Honey like wine, coffee, and cheese is a part of America's epicurean food awakening. Once you have eaten an exquisite honey, you know the difference. To create unique local tastes and floral aromas we use hands on pure practices. Horsecreek Honey Farms provides you with the high quality honey you desire. Our raw honey has nothing added, nothing removed, with no filtering and never heated. 

It is a pure product near its' original condition after leaving the hive.

Horsecreek Honey is apart of exciting cooperatives between farmers, processors, wholesalers and retailers. We have partnered in distribution with GrowFood Carolina, are a Certified South Carolina Product and proudly carry the Appalachian Grown™ Certification.






Honey Farms

Horsecreek Apiaries and Honey Farms sells Local Raw Honey, Flavor Infused Honey, Bee Packages, Quality Queens, Beekeeping Supplies, and Pollination Services.
We are a fully working honey farm.

We strive to produce honey in a pure way, build up the beginner beekeeper, and educate everyone we meet about the honey bee.

Artisanal Handcrafted Honey from Local Bees

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The Beekeepers


Farron Tucker

A pure southern gentlemen, he is chivalrous, charming, funny, and filled with fascinating facts. With this, Farron makes Horsecreek Honey Farms the pure company they are today. His abundance of knowledge, love of bees, and desire to educate beginner beekeepers is truly rare.

Farron has been in the bee yards since he was a young boy. Now, he spends his days making sure the bees are happy and healthy, lending a helping hand to other beekeepers whenever possible. "Saving the Bees" is the passion and pursuit of his life.


Kathy Bayer-Crooks

Originally from Nebraska, Kathy has been intrigued by the aspects of beekeeping since she was a young child. After moving to the south, she joined the trend of urban farming becoming a beekeeper. Her eye for aesthetic and presentation places the beauty of Horsecreek Farms Honey on display in a way that can't go unnoticed. She heads marketing, customer relations, beekeeping, and bookkeeping.


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